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Baby & Family

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. When a new family member is born, it is a special and memorable moment which you will never forget. Holding your own baby for the first time is true magnificent and feels like the most beautiful moment in your life. There is happiness all over and everyone congratulates you. And we have just the right post card for these special moments! If you want to congratulate your friend’s blessing send them a personalized post card. Simply choose one of our many designs, upload your photo and write your personal message online and we will send the printed card to the new born baby. There are many special events in a child’s life. The first steps, the first teeth coming through, losing the first tooth, walking for the first time, the first birthday, the second birthday and many more. Commemorate these moments with a post card and send it to the family to show that you care and are a part of these special days. Whether it is a boy or a girl, we have the right ideas for you. Choose your favorite design, write your delightful greetings underneath and personalize the card with your own photo on the card. Via the MyPostcard App you can quickly make your personal post card online and send it to your friends and family. Share the happiness!

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