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There are many reasons to be thankful for your family and friends! They nurse you back to health when you are sick, they help you when you are moving, and they are the ones who discuss your problems with you until 2AM. This effort deserves some appreciation! Send them a post card via MyPostcard to show them how much you appreciate them. Choose a cheerful design online, upload your photo on the front of post card and write your thankful greetings on the card. We will send the post card to them within a few days and take care of the postage as well. Have you stayed at a friend’s house during your vacation? Or did your friends invite you for a BBQ at their house and you had a great time? Those events are always amazing opportunities to get together. Thank them for the invitation with a post card. Send them your greetings and show your gratitude. Via the MyPostcard App you can easily create a post card and write your personal greetings to your friends from your phone or tablet. Your relationship is going great and your partner has put so much effort into making you feel special. This should be celebrated, show how thankful you are to have him or her in your life. Send your sweetheart a post card with your favorite photo of you two on it. You can use of one our various romantic designs to make the card even more lovable. MyPostcard will send the card with your own words to your loved one.

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