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The weekend arrives. Did you make any plans yet? Sometimes you made great plans to go out for a good night, to visit your friends or family back home, to go to a football game or you even planned to sit on the couch and just read a book for the whole day. These are all great projects for the weekend. Let your friends know what your plans are for the weekend and send them a post card with your ideas. With the post cards of MyPostcard you can choose the right design for your personalized post card online and write your plans in your weekend greetings to your friends and family. When you know your friends have great plans or an amazing adventure for the upcoming weekend, you wish them all the fun and excitement in the world. Send them a printed post card with your personal weekend wishes. Via the MyPostcard App you can comfortably create your post card on the phone or tablet from the couch back home or when you are on the bus on your way back from work. You can choose your post card design from our various cheerful templates and designs online. Make sure you wish your friends and family a great weekend! Are you excited to see your friends again this weekend? Go tell them! Send them a post card with a personal message on it and tell them that you are looking forward to the weekend. Via MyPostcard you can make your post card and we will send it off on the spot.

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