Colorful abstract bird
Bird Of Paradise
Colorful abstract bird
Bird Of Paradise
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Bird Of Paradise

Card size: 4x6 inches

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Boris Draschoff works and lives in Berlin. He is self-taught... Open Profile

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About the design

Birds are majestic creatures. Their ability to fly coupled with their vibrant colors make admirers out of all of us. This Colorful Abstract Bird postcard is the perfect messenger for any information you want to send. It could be to a friend, a boss, or an acquaintance. The gorgeous polygonic bird is cute, charming, and awe-inspiring. Its striking visual form is accentuated brilliantly by the smooth, soft beige background. It's sure to be a welcome partner to any message you want to put in your postcard or greeting card. If it's a mystery occasion that you don't want to give away, this Colorful Abstract Bird postcard will allow you to do that. The sincerity of this grand bird could accompany any positive news. If you know an animal lover, a birdwatcher, or someone who deeply appreciates the arts, this Colorful Abstract Bird postcard will serve as the perfect beacon for whatever message you may want to communicate.

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