Unicorn illustration in green on pink background, unicorn power–mypostcard
Unicorn Power
Unicorn illustration in green on pink background, unicorn power–mypostcard
Unicorn Power
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Unicorn Power

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Are you thinking about a person who's unique? Why not let them know that you're thinking of them and at the same time celebrate what makes them different? This Unicorn Power postcard will blow your friend away! It's got a unicorn made out of polygons in a stance where it can show off its majestic form. The white text conveys a simple and clear message, be yourself! The pink background helps the unicorn and the text stand out. Getting a thoughtful keepsake puts a smile on our faces. It's usually a great reason to treat others around us kindlier and to be a little more understanding. This Unicorn Power postcard will make your friends happy and cherished. They'll continue being the great people they are and maybe even worry about their differences less. Be a wonderful friend and let your buddies know that you accept them for who they are. Send them this Unicorn Power postcard!

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