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About the design

Have you recently been informed of someone's death? Would you like to support their family in this time of loss? The Funeral Sympathy condolence card is a compassionate way to let them know that they are in your thoughts. This card features trees and bushes without any leaves. The bleak scene recognizes that something is gone and that we can't do anything but feel its heavy absence. There is nothing to do but to let this time of bereavement pass. There's no way to avoid a loss in life so when the people we know suffer from it, we should be understanding and take the issue head-on. Ignoring it is impossible and trying to paint a colorful, happy picture doesn't seem to do our emotions justice. That's why anyone receiving this Funeral Sympathy condolence card will automatically be able to identify with the mood it sets. They will appreciate that others around them are giving them the support and acknowledgment they deserve. Do your part to show solidarity by sending someone who has recently experienced a loss this Funeral Sympathy condolence card.

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