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Shit just got real

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Are you shocked and proud of someone you care about and want to express a pat on the back for the festive occasion congrats? This festive occasion postcard would be perfect to express the amazement you witnesses and your true reaction to his or her amount of success. The shit just got real expression is the exact thought that crossed your mind when this person you are sending this card to reach the height of success that he or she has recently eclipsed. It is not that you did not believe in this person but you are in shock of the greatest he or she have achieved and genuinely proud. The other side of the festive occasion postcard gives you the chance to write a creative and personal message telling this person how proud you are of him or her. Send a person you care for this festive occasion postcard congratulations and tell him or her how proud you are of what he or she accomplished. Free Worldwide SHIPPING; Create and send your own Congratulation Cards. Printed and mailed for you internationally. Congratulation Cards with your own personal message. As Printed Postcards & Greeting Cards. Free International Shipping. Personalized and customized Congratulation Cards Online. International postage and delivery. Packs of Congratulation Cards created and customized online. Individual Congratulation Cards can also be shipped internationally.

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