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Hugs & Kisses

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

People come and go, but good friends last forever. For the good friend in your life, get them the friendship hugs postcard and let them know how appreciative you are of them. We only get so many good friends throughout our lifetime, so we should do our best to cherish them. As people get older and lives move on the group of individuals in a persons life will cycle in and out. Some people will move away and start a family. Some will simply get a job in another state. When you find that good friend, giving them a friendship hugs postcard shows them that the two of you have stood the test of time and distance. The friendship between the two of you has transcended any distance or obstacle that could stand between you two. That's why those people in one's life deserve a friendship hugs postcard! Send Your Friendship Photo Cards, Photo Postcards or Greeting Cards Online, Personalized, Customized, Printed and Mail it For You. International FREE Shipping, Postage, Delivery. Print Your Cards Online. Personalized, cheap and customized Friendship Photo Cards Online - International Shipping. International Delivery. International Postage & FREE WORLDIDE SHIPPING. Postcards & Greeting Cards. Send a custom Friendship Photo Cards from online, or create a set of cards and mail them to yourself in bulk.

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