Vintage quote card: Save water, drink beer
Save water, drink beer
Vintage quote card: Save water, drink beer
Save water, drink beer
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Save water, drink beer

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Are you looking for a creative funny humor postcard to send to a person you know and share a laugh with a person who can use a great laugh? This postcard will be a great way to do just that and let someone you know get a great laugh and get a chance to see you an interesting sense of humor. On the front side of this funny humor postcard, this funny message “save water drink beer” is a hilarious and creative message that will catch someone off guard because of it is an unusual end to a usual sentence. This will indeed get a reaction from the person you are sending this to and he or she will appreciate you for the laugh. On the other side of the postcard, you are given the opportunity to let the person you are sending it to the purpose of you sending this postcard to him or her other than the fun laugh. Send someone you know this funny humor postcard and share a great laugh that he or she will genuinely appreciate. Create Your own Funny Cards. We print and mail your Funny Cards internaional, Free Shipping, Postage, Delivery. Create your own Funny Cards online. Printed and Mailed for you international shipping, postage & delivery. Customized Funny Cards Online. FREE Shipping. Folded Cards & Postcards. Design custom Funny Cards, order in bulk or mail the cards individually from online.

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