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Barking- Birthday - Happy Birthday to you

Card size: 4x6 inches

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Gutsch Verlag


Greeting cards by Berlin based publishing house Gutsch are... Open Profile

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About the design

Send your personalized happy birthday cards and postcards online. Create your own customized cards directly online with MyPostcard or download our free postcard app to send your Birthday Cards from your smartphone. Ask any pet lover, and they'll tell you that their pet is as much a part of their family as their father, their mother, their brother or sister. To some people, their pet is their kid! Pets are a source of constant happiness and joy in our lives, providing support and companionship throughout all stages of life. Whether you have a puppy of your own or are just an animal lover, who else would you want by your side on your special day than this cute birthday dog greeting postcard? The birthday dog greeting postcard comes prepared and ready to party with this yummy frosted cupcake, while the inside of the card has plenty of room for you to write sweet birthday wishes to the birthday boy or girl. As long as they're an animal lover, the birthday boy or girl will surely love this adorable birthday dog greeting postcard wishing them a very happy birthday! Printed, Cards, Postcards and Greeting Cards. Happy Birthday Cards printed online. Mailed internationally. International Postage, Service, Delivery. Happy Birthday Cards. Online Cards. Personalized, cheap and customized Happy Birthday Cards Online - International Shipping. International Delivery. International Postage & FREE WORLDIDE SHIPPING. Postcards & Greeting Cards. Ship a customizable Happy Birthday Cards worldwide or as a pack to yourself.

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