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Many greetings from Mauritius

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Are on your vacation, visiting Mauritius wonderful landscape and in need of sending a postcard to those back home? Look no further with this visiting Mauritius postcard, send this to your colleagues and loved ones back home and show them how much you are loving your vacation in Mauritius. This visiting Mauritius postcard has a couple pictures on in that speaks to the beautiful image Mauritius paints but doesn’t do it enough justice at all. The postcard does allow you to add your personalized photo of yourself on vacation with even more beauty from your photo added to this beautiful postcard. This image will help add to the essence of the beauty of Mauritius and get a glimpse of how you have been spending your vacation. And if you look at the other side of this visiting Mauritius postcard, it allows you write a personalized message to the person you are sending this to back home. Show your loved ones and colleagues back home how much you are enjoying visiting Mauritius.

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