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Stiff breeze on Sylt

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Are you currently on vacation in the beautiful Sylt area and looking for the perfect postcard to send back home? This visiting Slyt postcard will be excellent for you to send back to the people you have waiting for you to return back home no matter the relationship. The front side of the postcard has a couple of beautiful photos Sylt’s gorgeous landscape and allows you to place a photo of your choosing on the front as well so you can show one of your firsthand experiences that took place during your vacation. This can be any of the beautiful events that are taken place on your vacation you would love to share with others. The other side of the visiting Slyt postcard has an option of creating a personal message from you that the people back home will receive and know you are enjoying your visiting Sylt postcard thoroughly. Send a postcard back home while visiting Sylt and continue on enjoying your vacation.

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