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Amsterdam – Triple Collage

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Do you want to spend your holiday walking along beautiful cobblestone streets? Or be surrounded by lively people looking to have a great time? Make your friends and family insanely jealous by sending them this Amsterdam old town postcard. You’ll never want to return home after you spend hours strolling through Amsterdams many beautiful art exhibits. After you are finished walking around Vondelpark you can send the Amsterdam old town postcard to all of your friends and family who couldn’t make the trip. Add a photo of you and your family in front of the historic Rijksmuseum. You can even share details of your adventures by including a personalized message inside the card. Amsterdam has so much incredible history and beautiful architecture it is like you are walking around in a real-life fairytale. Your friends and family will be quickly booking their next vacation to the Netherlands after they see your amazing and personalized Amsterdam old town postcard!  

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