Greetings from the Wonderful Mallorca
Greetings from the Wonderful Mallorca
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Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Did you have a great time in Mallorca? Would you like to share a bit of that extraordinary time with the people you care about? Then this Wonderful Mallorca greeting card will serve you well! You'll share a piece of your adventure with your family and since you can customize the photo at the top, it can be in a way that shows you enjoying Wonderful Mallorca. At the bottom of the card is a block of light beige which invokes feelings of sunny beaches and interesting tourist spots. And the text offers up a friendly hello to greet the receiver with warmth. Your friends and family will cheer up when they lay their eyes the fantastic photograph you took on your trip to Wonderful Mallorca. This card will brighten their day because they've gotten to experience a bit of the allure of Mallorca. Fill your friends with wonder with this Wonderful Mallorca greeting card, and you'll feel great for letting them know that no matter where you travel, they're still in your heart.

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