Don't forget to be awesome
Don't forget to be awesome
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Don't forget to be awesome

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Some people just wake up and are awesome every day. For others, sometimes you just need a little reminder to be awesome instead. Whatever the case may be this “just because” greeting card is perfect for just about any occasion. Have a friend who’s been feeling a little down? Or, on the flip side, has someone been up and never better? It doesn’t matter, because nothing is nicer than receiving a card telling you to be awesome when you least expect it. This card features simple black text on a white background with a heart beneath it for that extra loving touch. Send it out for big events like birthdays or graduations, or just because someone you care for crossed your mind. Whatever the reason you want to remind someone to be awesome, this is the perfect way to do it, and it is sure to make the day of someone that you love. Real printed Just because Cards. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Mailed for you internationally. Printed and stamped for you international-postage & delivery. Make personalized and customized Just because Cards online. Free International Shipping. International Postage, Delivery. Smartphone app as Postcards & Greeting Cards. Design a customized Just because Cards and ship it worldwide or as a set of cards.

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