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Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

For the ditsy, the quirky, the innately funny, and anyone in-between, the just because funny postcard is the gift for them. The cover of the card is a picture of a seal. That should be enough to make any of your cool and quirky friends crack up in laughter the second they see their just because a funny postcard. It is what theme implies. it is funny, just because. We all have friends that find the humor in everything and seem like they laugh as much as they breathe, and this is the card for them. As well as being nice and funny, it will also allow you to give your full loving friend an equally fun-loving messaging, showing them just how much they mean to you. This is truly the perfect card for any occasion, and its design does most of the talking for you. Show your amazing and fun friends how much they mean to you with the just because funny postcard. Create and send your Just because Cards online.We print and mail it for you international worldwide FREE SHIPPING. As Photo-Cards, Postcards & Greeting Cards. Postcard app Customized - Just because Cards, Printed and mailed fou you international, shipping, Delivery & Postage. Your own Just because Cards. FREE SHIPPING. Postcards, Greeting Cards & Folded Cards. App Order custom-made Just because Cards in bulk. Design individual Just because Cards and ship them internationally.

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