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Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Mom’s have been there from day one and they do so much for us. They were there to kiss our boo-boos when we fell, when we took our first steps, spoke our first words, and stayed up with us all night as babies and when we were sick as kids. They watched you grow up and couldn’t believe how fast time passed when it dragged by for us. They saw us graduate high school and move on with life as an adult. Why not give them something nice for Mother’s Day? A nice dinner and flowers are nice, but why not add a nice Mother’s Day greeting postcard to the flowers or present you give her for Mother’s Day? The design on the Mother’s Day greeting postcard is tulips in the top right and bottom left corner. In the middle are the words “Happy Mother’s Day” in a light pink cursive script. Before giving your Mom her Mother’s Day greeting postcard, personalize a message to show how much she means to you. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Your Mother´s Day Cards. Printed and mailed for you internationally. Mother´s Day Cards. International-Postage. International-Delivery. International-Shipping. International-Shipping. International-Delivery. FREE International-Shipping & Postage. Your own Mother´s Day Cards Online. As Postcards or Greeting Cards. Customizable Mother´s Day Cards can be shipped to individual recipients internationally. Mother´s Day Cards can also be created in a set (8-200).


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