doern graphics coloured
Yes You Can - Modern Style
doern graphics coloured
Yes You Can - Modern Style
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Yes You Can - Modern Style

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Do you know someone who has something major coming up, like a big test, a job interview, presentation, audition, or anything else that they are a little stressed out or worried about? Telling them they have it in the bag and that they will do just fine is great assurance. A yes you can, motivational greeting card is sure to lift their spirits. On a beige background, there is a splash of fun colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, and white, in different geometric shapes, like circles, triangles, and squares. The shapes have different designs on them and are in different patterns and forms to make it a fun and colorful design to make someone smile. In big, bold, white font on this yes you can, motivational greeting card, the words "Yes You Can" are sure to not just make someone smile. Before sending out your yes you can, motivational greeting card, add a personalized message. WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING; Your own Motivational Cards. Printed and Mailed for you internationally. Create and send your Motivational Cards. Postcards & Greeting Cards. Free shipping. Personalized, Customized Motivational Cards Online. International Postage, Delivery. Create and Make Your own Cards for Motivational. Packs of Motivational Cards created and customized online. Individual Motivational Cards can also be shipped internationally.

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