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Life's Too Short
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Life's Too Short
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Life's Too Short

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Are you looking for a great statement greeting postcard that shows a great quote to send this to a person and show him or her a positive outlook on life message? This postcard does a wonderful job of doing just this and the person you are sending this to will be grateful for the positive and motivating message as well. The front side of the statement greeting postcard has a message saying, “life is too short to worry about stupid things, have fun, regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down” is a great way of letting the person you are sending this to know that he or she has to live in the moment and enjoy life because he or she will not live forever. On the other side of the postcard, you are given the chance to express your positivity message of living in the moment by creating a personal message using your own words. This statement greeting postcard will be very influential to the person you send it to so send this person this important message and motivate him or her. WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING; Your own Statements and Quotes Cards. Printed and Mailed for you internationally. Create and send your Statements and Quotes Cards. Postcards & Greeting Cards. Statements and Quotes Cards free printable templates online. Customized and Personalized Statements and Quotes Cards create and send real printed Statements and Quotes Cards and free templates. International Postage, Shipping & Delivery Custom Statements and Quotes Cards shipped as a set (8-200) or individually to different recipients internationally.

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