Personalizable statement postcard in black and white
Yippieh Yippieh Yeah
Personalizable statement postcard in black and white
Yippieh Yippieh Yeah
*Design/photo for illustration purposes only. Upload you own design when customizing your card!
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Yippieh Yippieh Yeah

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Make an impact with this bold personalizable statement postcard. While some people are timid, you are outgoing and confident. Where others try to blend in and become part of the crowd, you choose to stand out from the background. When they strive to be the same, you strive to be different. Be different with our personalizable statement postcard! Ideal for birthday party invitations, congratulations cards, graduation party invitations, thank-you notes, or just friendship cards, the personalizable statement postcard is versatile and adaptable to many situations. By adding your own card to the Polaroid frame on the front, you can customize the postcard to make it your own; then, add text on the inside for a further personal touch. It may be easy to make, but don't be fooled--this personalizable statement postcard will leave a lasting impression on all who see it. Be bold, be fierce, and be your own person with this personalizable statement postcard. Create and send your Statements and Quotes Photo Cards online.We print and mail it for you international worldwide FREE SHIPPING. As Photo-Cards, Postcards & Greeting Cards. Postcard app Send and create Customized Statements and Quotes Photo Cards Online. Printed international. USA.UK, Canada - Worldwide shipping. International shipping.Delivery & Postage for your own Statements and Quotes Photo Cards. Design a customized Statements and Quotes Photo Cards and ship it worldwide or as a set of cards.

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