pink silhouette of a pineapple on black ground with neon yellow lettering
Be a pineapple
pink silhouette of a pineapple on black ground with neon yellow lettering
Be a pineapple
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Be a pineapple

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Pina coladas, SpongeBob Square pants, and our Statement Postcard all have one thing in common—they love and feature pineapples! This card is great for all occasions. Do you have a friend who needs a little encouragement during the week? Do you want to congratulate your family member on getting that promotion? Or does your significant other just simply love pineapples? Our Statement Postcard is the perfect card for all occasions! With the description, “Be a Pineapple: Stand Tall, Wear a Crown, Be Sweet on the Inside,” this card is great for every occasion. With its inspirational quote, you can send this card to someone who needs a little push during their week or you can congratulate someone by saying they are just like this pineapple getting their new position! Be sure to put a smile on someone’s face this week and get our Statement Postcard, “Be a Pineapple!” Print and mail your own Statements and Quotes Cards Online. We print and mail it for you international-Shipping, International-Postage, International-Delivery.Worldwide. Statements and Quotes Cards. International Shipping, International Postage, International Delivery. Worldwide Delivery. FREE SHIPPING. Customized and Personalized Cards for statements and quotes. Customizable Statements and Quotes Cards can be shipped to individual recipients internationally. Statements and Quotes Cards can also be created in a set (8-200).

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