spruch postcard
Offline is the new luxury
spruch postcard
Offline is the new luxury
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Offline is the new luxury

Card size: 4x6 inches

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We love to travel. Getting to know new places and cultures is... Open Profile

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About the design

We all have a friend or family member that loves going to the beach, so get them this statement wisdom postcard to show them you've noticed their hobbies. The "offline is the new luxury text" is the perfect text to go on a card being given to a beach lover. They'll appreciate the thought and effort put into their card and realize just how much they like turning off their electronic devices and enjoying the beauty that is the beach. You can't go wrong with the statement wisdom postcard. Write to your friends and family about how much they mean to you. Tell them how important they are and how much you love and miss them. Pour your heart out on your card to your friends and loved ones and their sure to appreciate it even more! Give the statement wisdom postcard to the beach lover in your life today! Send and create your own Statements and Quotes Cards with MyPostcard. Printed and mailed for you internationally. Photo-Cards, Postcards & Greeting Cards App. Printable Free Statements and Quotes Cards Templates. Create and send real printed Statements and Quotes Cards online. We Print and Mail it For You Internationally. International Postage, Free Shipping, Delivery. Ship a customizable Statements and Quotes Cards worldwide or as a pack to yourself.

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