vintage retro karma postcard
Karma 69
vintage retro karma postcard
Karma 69
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Karma 69

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Vintage Retro Cards are the perfect way to show your appreciation for the people in your lives since standard cards can be dull and boring. Add a meaningful message to your friend's life by giving them one of our Vintage Retro Cards. The vintage design with cool colors are perfect for people of all ages! All of your friends will be wishing they were having received one of your Vintage Retro Cards with this ironic sentence. You can even add a personal note to show your friend what you meant by sending it. This card is the perfect way to express to someone that they have done something right (or also wrong). It feels great to be thanked for the work you did or fooled for what you not did, so why not surprise your friends with one of our Vintage Retro Cards that say, "Karma is like 69, you get what you give". They will be thrilled when they open their mail and receive this ironic card. Only your mindful friends will understand the meaning of our Vintage Retro Cards. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Your printed Statements and Quotes Cards Online. Create Your own Cards with our designs online. As Photo-Cards, Postcards & Greeting Cards app. Postcard service. CUSTOMIZED Statements and Quotes Cards ONLINE | Printed | International Shipping, Postage & Delivery. Personalized Greeting Cards and Postcards international. Custom Cards for statements and quotes FREE SHIPPING Design a customized Statements and Quotes Cards and ship it worldwide or as a set of cards.

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