Fully automatized direct mail prints for e-commerce

With our Klaviyo integration, we support ambitious D2C brands in reaching customers offline. Average ROAS of 7x to even peak values of 17x can be reached.

Create direct mail campaign

Unlock the full potential of Klaviyo direct mail campaigns with us!

A number of online stores are simply not aware that they can easily create fully automated direct mail prints with Klaviyo. The result: missed opportunities to re-engage with inactive customers and hundreds of thousands of euros in lost sales.

Klaviyo Direct Mail API

Targeted postcard direct mail printing with Klaviyo

Once in the letterbox, you can be sure it will be opened and you'll be sure of attention, plus you can boost customer loyalty even more with individual and personalized postcards.

If you know these challenges, direct mail prints is your solution

Your open rates have dropped

Once it’s put in the mailbox, you can be sure the postcard will be opened/seen nearly 100% of the time.

You’re not getting the attention of your customers

Customers receive on average one letter per day, which means in the mailbox, you can be sure to have their undivided attention.

Your marketing isn’t leaving a lasting impression

47% of people who receive postcards keep them for several weeks, mostly even in a highly visible place like on the fridge or their desk.

Your target group is mostly offline

Print allows you to reach customers who aren’t frequently online.

Your customers have opted-out of receiving emails

Direct mail is a safe and legal way to contact them since no opt-in is required.

You want to build more trust

70% of purchasers find direct mail to be a much more sincere approach than email newsletters.

How it works

  1. Create your own direct mail campaign (w/optional A/B testing) for Klaviyo.

  2. Load all campaign files into our system to have them prepared for printing.

  3. Simply copy & paste of your settings into your Klaviyo workflow.

  4. We store your direct mail campaigns until your Dialog Post limit has reached capacity.

  5. We print & send your direct mail via Deutsche Post.

Our Values

Our products are made in compliance with sustainable forestry. Integrating environmentally friendly production into our business is very important to us, which is why we use printers produced according to CO2-neutral standards, use recyclable paper and toner as well as use energy from renewable sources. Our batch printing process also works to limit waste.

Customer Testimonials:

“An average ROAS of 8x when using Klaviyo”

With Klaviyo’s Direct Mail API we’ve been able to personalize communication with our customers to the highest level. At the beginning, we only used it for our existing customer base, but we quickly noticed that it also works very well for our other customer segments as well. And best of all: everything is automated. Thanks to the tools we can achieve a ROAS of up to 12x and have employed postcard direct mail campaigns for product launches and company news. An absolute top recommendation for improving customer relations and support!

Florian & Betül Bein (Founders, bedrop)

“A ROAS of 10x with customers who didn’t order anything in the last 60 days, it’s definitely worth checking out!”

Not only the campaign results, but also the easy integration and quick support showed us that automated direct mail in Klaviyo workflow are effective. With targeted A/B testing we can improve additional campaigns in order to achieve the best possible results.

Jannis Birth (Co-Founder, Aho.Bio)

“Earning extra revenue of roughly 250,000 EUR from our inactive customers”

In my experience, direct mail can be a real guarantor of success, as long as the data in Klaviyo is well-managed. In order to create successful campaigns, it is vital to experiment with different ideas and customer segments. The design is also not to be underestimated which also plays a decisive role in it all. Experience shows that challenging approaches lead to better results. By doing so, we’ve been able to reach a ROAS between 6-8x, at peak times are able to reach upwards of 17x.

Florian Bein (E-Commerce Manager, Cellavita)

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