Against homophobia – together with ‘All Out’

Imagine you are deeply in love. Hugging, kissing each other. Your family sees it – and reports you to the police! And because you are two girls kissing each other and that is forbidden in your country, you have to fear prison. What might seem impossible, is a nightmare turned reality for two young girls … Continue reading “Against homophobia – together with ‘All Out’”

Landscape Photography Tips (For Smartphone Users)

What can we do to learn the basics of landscape photography using a smartphone? Who’s got some landscape photography tips for us? Let’s face it, we’ve all been on vacation and yet still been disappointed when we see our snaps afterwards. Do we have to spend as much money as the vacation cost on a … Continue reading “Landscape Photography Tips (For Smartphone Users)”

The Best Instagram Filters For Anything & Everything

For many, traveling is a luxury and taking photos is a way to celebrate and remember the places we’ve been. With the introduction of cameras to smartphones and their increasing photo quality, this trend has only continued to grow. But it doesn’t just stop at taking the pictures anymore. We have the ability to enhance … Continue reading “The Best Instagram Filters For Anything & Everything”

The Perfect Selfie: How to take one in 5 easy steps

There is nothing vain about wanting a perfect selfie. Well, maybe just a little bit – but a little vanity every now and then is nothing to be ashamed of. The truth is, we all secretly want people other than our family members to like our images on social media. So, if you are ready … Continue reading “The Perfect Selfie: How to take one in 5 easy steps”