Posing With A Guy – 7 Ideas For Great Pics

Photography is all about freezing the moment and telling a story without words. When posing with a guy, you probably want to tell a story about love. Or maybe it’s pure lust. Perhaps you want to give the illusion of chemistry when there is none (good photography can do that). No matter your desired end … Continue reading “Posing With A Guy – 7 Ideas For Great Pics”

Your Photo Garland – a quick and easy Tutorial

Let’s be honest: These super stylish photo garlands look pretty amazing, right? No matter if you want to redecorate your appartment or just need some ideas for a party – I’m sure this individual photo garland will be the star on every wall! I already prepared everything it takes to create this  pretty photo garland … Continue reading “Your Photo Garland – a quick and easy Tutorial”

Travel Light – 8 Expert Tips For Packing

Learn how to travel light is an important issue, because the biggest downside of traveling is having to lug around a suitcase. While the goal is almost always to keep personal items restricted to a carry-on, this is much easier said than done. If you have multiple destinations on your itinerary, packing light is crucial … Continue reading “Travel Light – 8 Expert Tips For Packing”

Backyard Bird Photography – 5 Tips For Great Pictures

If you thought pet photography was difficult, brace yourself for one hell of a ride with backyard bird photography. The mere fact that you plan on doing it in your backyard should tell you that it will require a lot of preparation. For starters, you will have to set up your backyard in order to … Continue reading “Backyard Bird Photography – 5 Tips For Great Pictures”