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Nowadays, customer mailing is one of the most promising options for B2B marketing. With personalized and physical mailings, you stand out from the crowd, strengthen business relationships and stay in the minds of your business customers and partners.

What are you waiting for? Try out postal mailing right away and create your own personalized postcard or individual letter for the B2B sector.

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What benefits does postal customer mailing have in comparison to sending emails?

In a time when workflows are being increasingly digitalized and mailboxes are bursting with emails, customer mailings by post are a welcome change to draw attention to your company and the products and services you offer.

That’s because customer mailing via individually created postcards or letters allows you a more personal - and for the recipient more appealing - form of communication. In addition, your business partner or customer has to actively deal with the postal mailing and cannot delete it within a few clicks of their mouse. A MyPostcard postal customer mailing enables you to develop a unique selling point that awakens interest and is significantly better received than the everyday emails your business clients normally receive.

You don’t even have to worry about a delivery not being permitted. An addressed customer mailing is always delivered without restrictions, even if the recipient expressly does not want advertising.

There are many ways to deliver your personal message

Get inspired by the abundance of possibilities that we offer for a professional postal mailing in the B2B sector. Among other things, we offer:

Dialog post with personalized customer mailings

Suitable for every occasion! With a personal greeting as a postcard, greeting card or letter.

High conversion rates – on average up to 9%

With MyPostcard you can book your direct mailing quickly and easily - with a ROAS of over 14 at the high end.

Many different ways to get your personal message across

From postcards in A6 and DIN long to classic letters in envelopes - we have the right format in stock for every occasion and every need.

Design your cards and letters according to your personal preferences

Either use one of our numerous design templates or create your own individual design according to your ideas and preferences.

API - welcome to intelligent customer mailing

Use our API to send your customer mailings automatically and save yourself the manual effort.

Download API description

Worldwide delivery

No place is too far for us - we print and send your cards worldwide.

We provide support with our excellent products and services all the way. Send your first personalized customer mailing right now and trust in MyPostcard’s tried and tested expertise.

Matthias Formella
Head of Sales B2B

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