Send personalized Postcards with your own photos

Use your own photos and a personal note to create and send customized Postcards worldwide.

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Photo Postcards

You are experiencing something beautiful, you are on a holiday that you want to share with your loved ones or want to show them how beautiful it is there... Now you can send a normal postcard purchased at any location - or you can use your own photos and send your photo postcard with MyPostcard from any country.

With MyPostcard, you can not only send postcards with specific designs and on different occasions, but also postcards that are unique. With your holiday photos you can personalize your postcard online on your computer or on our app. So just take pictures with your smartphone and put them together as a postcard in the app or on the website!

If you can't decide which of the great holiday pictures gets the honor of being featured on the postcard we have different styles for you. It could be one large and three small pictures or four of the same size. Choose your style and make your photo postcard something special. You can choose up to nine different photos for your photo postcard at MyPostcard. After deciding on your special selection of photos, write the message for your loved ones on the back of the postcard and tell us who should find this great photo postcard in the mailbox within a few days. Everything happens online: designing the postcard, writing the text and paying with your preloaded credit or other payment options. We at MyPostcard print out your photo postcard, print it with a real stamp and send it worldwide & free of charge. All in all, there are five steps to your personalized and individualized photo postcard for your loved ones.

So don't wait any longer - create your photo postcard with MyPostcard and make your loved ones happy for a special occasion or just for the fun of it.

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