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Our postcards don’t just capture amazing moments, they also feature as precious memories on your customer’s fridge. Choose from a variety of partnership options and we’ll provide you with the relevant credit codes.

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The Flexible Rewards Partner

We design, sell and deliver personalized postcards and greeting cards. But we ALSO connect friends and family who are far apart, helping them keep and share their favorite memories.

And the best part? Sending a postcard is child's play. In just three simple steps, your customers can create and send their postcards worldwide.

See for yourself. Expect speedy advice and implementation.

Our partnership options

On Pack Promotion
Tourism & Publishing
Special Partnerships

On Pack Promotion

The integration of our credit codes offers your products emotional added value and allows your customers to have a unique brand experience. Because our postcards act as personal brand ambassadors for your customers.

Tourism & Publishing

Want to give your customers special added value during their travels? We offer the perfect incentive. Whether a voucher for a postcard or postcard credit - we have the right incentive for your customers.

Special Partnerships

You’re organizing an event, or festival - or maybe you’re opening a pop-up store and want to give your guests unforgettable moments with personalized postcards? Then you’re on the right track with us.

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