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New Year's Cards

Happy New Year! That one moment when the clock strikes midnight when the old year ends and the new year starts. You are with your dearest friends anywhere in the world and hug each other and celebrate. The champagne bottle pops and your cheer together into the new year wishing each other all the best for the upcoming year. Remember this day and sent your friends a New Year’s card. With MyPostcard you can find the right postcard for this occasion. We have a variety of postcards to choose from. Simply choose your favorite design, add your favorite celebration picture from New Year’s Eve and your best wishes for the new year and send your personal New Year’s card to your friends and family.

You want to thank your friends for a memorable night? Show them your appreciation for sharing this great moment with them with a postcard. Even when you are on your way to work throughout a busy day you can still send them a postcard. With the MyPostcard App you can create your personal postcard online in only a few minutes. Choose your favorite design or template from our collection, upload a group picture from the special night and add a lovely message to the card. We will then print of your personalized post card and send it to your friends.

Even when a friend cannot be there with you for New Year’s Eve you want to share your favorite moments of that night with them. Send them a postcard and show them you are thinking about them with your best wishes for the new year. With MyPostcard you can send them the right postcard with your photo of the night and your personal wishes for the year.

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