Art & Illustration

Know someone who loves art? Send them a postcard featuring an artistic design created by renowned international artists. Wow your recipient by picking the artwork that will resonate with them the most.

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  • A All
  • Belrost (32)
  • Benzki (19)
  • Christopher Corr (1)
  • Innerfields (9)
  • Kubistika (213)
  • (131)
  • Patrick Rosche (1)
  • Tobias Göbel (1)
  • Yordanka Poleganova (1)

Art & Illustration

The love of art is almost as old as mankind itself, and the fascination with beautiful shapes and colors remains unchanged to this day. Whether it is modern art, colorful art prints, reproductions on canvas, or stylish illustrations – art in every form and style still captivates people to this day and can be found in almost every home. MyPostcard has noticed how much people appreciate fantastic artworks so we have added a large selection of art images and illustrations to help you design a postcard worth framing. Sending an artistic postcard is easy with the MyPostcard app, just select which artwork you would like on the front of your postcard, add a customized message and we will take care of sending out to your recipient.

If you know someone who is suffering from an artist block and want to help, try sending out a postcard. You can add artworks from many renowned international artists to your post postcards. Cubist works by Boris Draschoff, Belrost, Innerfields, Patrick Rosche, Tobias Göbel and Yordanka Poleganova are just some of the few that we have ready for you. It’s definitely worth having a good look at the many art samples we have to offer. Create an art-filled postcard with your personal message today using the MyPostcard app and we will make sure to send it out to your family or friends as soon as we can. Perhaps their next inspiration will come from your next postcard that is just waiting to be mailed out.

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