Kubistika sleeping birds in a tree with red moon in the back
Birds Sleeping in Trees
Kubistika sleeping birds in a tree with red moon in the back
Birds Sleeping in Trees
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Birds Sleeping in Trees

Card size: 4x6 inches

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Boris Draschoff works and lives in Berlin. He is self-taught... Open Profile

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About the design

Do you have a good friend that fancies the arts? Have you ever thought about sending them an image that will strike deep into their psyche? The Birds Sleeping postcard is a special way to deliver whatever you have to say! It features a tree with naked branches through which you can see the majestic night sky and a giant crimson moon. The birds sleeping on those branches inspire feelings of awe as they sleep peacefully and endure what nature has in store for them. Receiving a piece of art from someone we love is a surreal experience, after all, they've curated it or sometimes even created it and they've taken the time and energy to gift it. This Birds Sleeping postcard is one that will be sure to invoke feelings of wonder as they stare upon the long cold night and the captivating Birds Sleeping. Encourage the appreciation your buddies have for the arts with this stunning Birds Sleeping postcard!

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