Kubistika red and blue ballons on beige
Dreaming Balloons
Kubistika red and blue ballons on beige
Dreaming Balloons
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Dreaming Balloons

Card size: 4x6 inches

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Boris Draschoff works and lives in Berlin. He is self-taught... Open Profile

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About the design

Do you have any designer friends? Have you ever thought about getting them a gift that embodies the beauty of graphic design? Then you can't go wrong with this Dreaming Balloons postcard which would be visually appealing to anyone who laid eyes on it. Its soft, nostalgic beige background. The geometric simplicity of the balloons. And of course, the simple message at the bottom, Up, written in a dignified, strong font. It all creates a sensational impression and a sense of nostalgia for any disney sense out there. When your friends get this Dreaming Balloons postcard, their designer sensibilities will be touched in a way like no other. They might even try to outdo you by sending you a dazzlingly beautiful postcard of their own. Your friends and family will hang onto these Dreaming Balloons and put them on their wall or mirror for daily inspiration. And when they see these balloons, they'll think of you and what a classy friend they have!

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