Kubistika bird swarm
Golden Birds
Kubistika bird swarm
Golden Birds
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Golden Birds

Card size: 4x6 inches

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Boris Draschoff works and lives in Berlin. He is self-taught... Open Profile

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About the design

Have you ever been surprised by something so deep and enthralling that it just made you think about everything? This art and illustration golden birds postcard is the kind of gesture that could make someone you know step back for a moment and enjoy the grandeur of life. No matter the occasion, this beautiful presentation will act as a faithful messenger to the information you want to communicate. The vivid background of the sky, the ephemeral arrangement of the clouds, and the exotic birds all contribute to a magical moment from nature. It's perfect for anyone who appreciates nature and its inherent artistry. The art and illustration golden birds postcard is perfect for holidays, a thank you note, or any other thoughtful indication. Share the majestic beauty of life with your friends and family and give them a piece of news with this art and illustration golden birds postcard. It'll surprise and touch them!

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