Kubistika golden palm trees with black dots
Golden Palm Trees
Kubistika golden palm trees with black dots
Golden Palm Trees
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Golden Palm Trees

Card size: 4x6 inches

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Boris Draschoff works and lives in Berlin. He is self-taught... Open Profile

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About the design

The Golden tree greeting card is artistic and like other kind art inspires emotions of love, encouragement, and support. It also keeps people fascinated by its beauty; it is well-designed with a lovely gold palm tree on its front. This card is weightier than other forms of message sending such as e-cards, social media messages, and phone calls. The Golden tree greeting card was designed to inspire, motivate and show support, as a greeting card, it cannot get better than this. It will serve as a reminder of how supportive and ever-present you are, always caring for others and being selfless. Other amazing features of the Golden tree greeting card are the ability to and your special words in a 450 character space and also you can add photos to make the recipient feel good. The Golden tree greeting card will be a memorabilia, the receivers of this special card will use it to remind themselves of the selfless you.

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