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Shiny Christmas baubles

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

If you want to picture the perfect Christmas card backdrop it would be with a bright red bauble, nestled softly in white snow. White Christmas, with a splash of red or green, is the epitome of what symbolizes Christmas. This Christmas card with snow and a bauble can bring a little burst of warmth to any home. If you want to send a card to anyone on your mailing list, this is the perfect, personal way to send a bit of snow and Christmas right into their home or office. You can, also, write a short poem, story, or quote and accompany this Christmas Card with snow with a personal slice of you and your home. When you think of Christmas, you think of red, green, and a white blanket covering the ground, so having that on a Christmas Card with snow and decor can bring a piece of this scene right into your home. Send and create your own Holiday Cards with MyPostcard. Printed and mailed for you internationally. Photo-Cards, Postcards & Greeting Cards App. We Print and Mail Your Holiday Cards Online. Create and make Your Holiday Cards. FREE International Shipping. International Postage. Delivery. Make your own Holiday Cards and mail them individually or order as a pack.

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