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Merry Christmas silver glitter frame

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Silver glitter on a Christmas card with a silver frame surrounding it makes for an extra special card. The Silver glitter frame Christmas postcard is a card for special people only. Christmas is all about love, sharing, hope and happiness and this postcard makes it easy for you to link yourself to the essence of Christmas by sending this postcard to friends, family, acquaintances and business partners. Sending the Silver glitter frame Christmas postcard especially when the receiver is far away is lovely, they get to open a special card they got in the mail on Christmas; they will cherish it for a long time. They will also appreciate that you were thoughtful enough to send over card this beautiful and it will be kept as a memorabilia. The Silver glitter frame Christmas postcard can be customized easily to carry your special Christmas message just the way you want it sent, how you want it sent. Print and mail your own Photo Holiday Cards Online. We print and mail it for you international-Shipping, International-Postage, International-Delivery.Worldwide. Your own Single Photo Holiday Cards. Personalized, Customized and FREE international-Shipping. International-Delivery. International-Postage. Send Photo Holiday Cards worldwide. Create a set of personalized Photo Holiday Cards or ship a single card worldwide

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