Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Merry Christmas and much love for the coming year.
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Merry Christmas and much love for the coming year.
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Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Do you want to send your loved ones a special message? One that will touch their hearts? Then you can count on this Nativity Postcard to inspire them. It's a postcard with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus alive and well. In these modern times, we often forget what Christmas is really about. It's not just about smartphones, video games, and food, it's also about family and being together. It doesn't hurt that the postcard also mentions wishes for the coming new year! Remind your friends that it's unity that really makes Christmas the special holiday that it is. It's getting together and sharing our lives with one another. It's the comfort of having your family beside you. This Nativity Postcard will convey all those reassuring sentiments when your loved ones look at it. Celebrate the harmony of the yuletide spirit with this lovely and endearing Nativity Postcard. Christmas Cards FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Christmas Cards. Printed and mailed for you international. As printed Photo Cards, Postcards, Greeting Cards. Mobile App Service Free international shipping, postage & delivery. Postcards & Greeting Cards |Your own Christmas Cards online. Sending Cards out worldwide. Printed. Create and make your own cards. Create customized Christmas Cards and order in bulk, or mail them individually from online.


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