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Santa Claus brings Christmas

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

This Santa ice-skating greeting card simply brings Christmas to life. During Christmas, we exchange cards with family, and friends. This postcard will let the receivers know they are special and are an amazing addition to your life. The design of the postcard is beautiful and fun; Santa ice skating makes receivers have a giddy feeling reading this postcard. These little things brought about by the card reminds you and the receivers how good the year has been and how being in each other's life made it better. The Santa ice-skating greeting card can be delivered to the receivers with a personalized message that comes from your heart. They will this card with a smile and with a joyful heart knowing you care and cherish them enough to send over a card as beautiful and as fun as this. The Santa ice-skating greeting card is very special with Father Christmas ice-skating in a fun way bringing about his Christmas miracles. MyPostcard: Free Shipping Photo Christmas Cards online. Printed and Mailed for you worldwide delivery. Your own Photo Christmas Cards. Postcards & Greeting Cards. Photo Christmas Cards, Free printable card templates for Christmas. Print and customized online. We Mail it for you. Your own PRINTABLE Photo Christmas Cards online, Mailed For You International Postage & Delivery. Create a set of personalized Photo Christmas Cards or ship a single card worldwide

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