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With Payers and deepest sympathy

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people in life and often times it is unfair. The thoughts and prayers postcard can be sent to someone going through a difficult time and assure him or her that you will be keeping them in your thoughts and prayers. The front side of the postcard shows a beautiful white and purple flowers that represent better times that are soon to come to he or she that is receiving this thoughts and prayers postcard. The recipient of the postcard will be very grateful to hear from you and be appreciative of your thought and prayers. The opposite side of the postcard can be used by you to share more words of encouragement to he or her that is receiving with a personal message from you to show your true apologies for the situation he or she is going through at this time. Send this thoughts and prayers postcard and show the person who is in need of it the most that he or she is in your thoughts and prayers. Create your real printed CONDOLENCES Cards online. Printed, stamped and mailed for you internationally. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. International-Postage & Delivery worldwide. Cheap personalized customized CONDOLENCES Cards. Make your own CONDOLENCES Cards online. International-shipping. International-delivery.internatonal-shipping. Create a set of personalized CONDOLENCES Cards or ship a single card worldwide

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May the loving memories ease the pain of your heart.
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It’s a tough path, but I will walk by your side as long as you need me.  Love and strength,
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My condolences
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My deepest sympathy. Stay strong
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