“Yes, he made it!” Whether your best friend passed his final exams or your brother or sister got engaged, it is time to celebrate and show them you want to celebrate with them. Send them your happy greetings with a cheerful post card.

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Yeesss!! Congratulations, you made it! I am so happy for you! When someone close to your passes their exams, gets engaged, gets a new job or it’s their birthday, you are happy for them. Show them you are proud of them and your friendship by sending them a post card with your personal greetings. You can make a cheerful and celebratory congratulation card with MyPostcard: Choose your design and personalize your post card with a photo of a great memory of you two. “Congrats! You are taking big steps in your life these days.” Does this sound familiar? It does indeed when your close relatives are getting engaged or becomes pregnant. But when you are too busy to come to the baby shower or the BBQ organized to celebrate the engagement, you still want to send them a personal message. With the MyPostcard App you can quickly make a personalized post card online for your family member. Choose a design, upload a picture with a couple clicks and send your greetings to the person you cherish. There are so many reasons to celebrate. Make sure you share them with the people you love and congratulate them with their success. We will help you with sending them a congratulation card. MyPostcard has many different templates online to choose from. You choose which design you like and write your personal greetings for the other person online. We will print the card and send it to the loved person within only a couple of days.

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