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Good Luck

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

This simple, minimalist good luck card, can be used for virtually any occasion. With nostalgic wooden block letters and a wooden background, viewers will be reminded of wooden school houses, playgrounds, and playing on the floor at home. Use this card as a symbol of your appreciation, and support. Congratulate those moving on to a new chapter in their life with a simple "good luck". Newlyweds, university graduates, travelers, and business owners are ideal. But good luck can be for everybody. Support your little footballer, ballerina, student, job seeker, and the bachelor with a simple note telling them you believe in them. Of course, a little good luck can go a long way, help out a friend who is feeling not so lucky by sending some their way. As we get older change can be difficult but a token of love and support can mean the world to those who are moving up in the world. Send your own Congratulation Cards . Printed and mailed for you internationallly worldwide. FREE SHIPPING. International Postage & Delivery. Congratulation Cards.International shipping, Postage & Delivery. Free worldwide shipping. Packs of cards or single Congratulation Cards Online printed. Folded Cards or Postcards App Make your own Congratulation Cards and mail them individually or order as a pack.

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