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best friends forever

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Do you have a best friend that you love from the bottom of your heart? Do you want to let them know that's how you feel? This best friends forever Poop Postcard is the perfect way to do that. It's funny and endearing. It's different and stunning. A roll of toilet paper beside a pile of poop. Who would've thought those two could ever represent love, but they do! They need each other to survive. It's not even a desire, it's a need! Getting a message that you are not only a great friend, but someone's best friend is an amazing feeling. It makes you feel like you're an extremely important person, because if you are someone's best friend then you really are someone in the world. Let your best friend feel that rush of loyalty with this hilarious best friends forever Poop Postcard. You'll feel great when you get your friend's reaction to this best friends forever Poop Postcard. So send it today! Free Shipping worldwide Friendship Cards Online. Printed and mailed for you international. We print your Friendship Cards online. Postcards & Greeting Cards. Printable Free Friendship Cards Templates. Create and send real printed Friendship Cards online. We Print and Mail it For You Internationally. International Postage, Free Shipping, Delivery. Send a custom Friendship Cards from online, or create a set of cards and mail them to yourself in bulk.

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