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Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

This postcard is a great go left humor greeting card that also has a motivational message. The person that you are sending this to will be able to get a good laugh and also be motivated to keep on trying once things seem like it is not working out. The chalkboard on the front side of the postcard is an excellent design and very creative as well. On the opposite side of the humorous greeting card, you are given the opportunity to express more laughter and words of encouragement by creating your own personal message to the person you are sending this go left humor greeting card to. Whether your goal for this postcard is to get a laugh or motivate this person you are sending it to, this postcard will do the job regardless of your initial purpose. Send someone you know this go left humor greeting card and share a laugh or motivate or maybe even both. Real printed Funny Cards. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Mailed for you internationally. Printed and stamped for you international-postage & delivery. Custom printed Funny Cards created online. (We print & Mail it for you International). Make your own Funny Cards online. Free international shipping,Postage,Delivery. From anywhere. Customize sets of 8 to 200 Funny Cards.

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