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Get Whale Soon

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Is someone you love is sick? Sometimes things can be complicated when someone you care about is sick, but you can make their journey a little bit happier with this Cute Whale Card, they will know that you are with them and that you are hoping the best for them. Being sick shouldn't be sad for your loved ones, knowing that you are there with them, even if you are far away. Let them know that you care with this Cute Whale Card. This person will get instantly happy knowing that you care about them. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but to send the best healing thoughts and positivity. Show your support and wish your buddy a quick recovery with this warm and Cute Whale Card. This cute whale is perfect to bring up the mood of your buddy, friends or family. Show your support in the cutest way possible. Create and send your Get well soon cards online.We print and mail it for you international worldwide FREE SHIPPING. As Photo-Cards, Postcards & Greeting Cards. Postcard app Your own Single Get well soon cards Online. International Delivery, Postage and free shipping worldwide. Personalized and Customized. Create a set of personalized Get well soon cards or ship a single card worldwide

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