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Cute Monsters

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

This cute monsters postcard is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween with the little ones. Your kids can have fun decorating the back of this card while they gobble down candy and share ghost stories. These simple monster cartoons are festive without being too spooky, so this card is appropriate for all age groups. You can even send this cute monster postcard as a thank you note to that one neighbor who gave out healthy snacks instead of candy. Feeling inspired by the front design? You can have each of your kids dress up as one of the cute monsters and take a picture for the back of the card. The rest of the family will love seeing how much fun they’re having! Plus, customizing the postcard will show your crafty, creative side. For an added arts and crafts bonus, try having your kids recreate this simple design using colored candy wrappers! Send and create your own printed Halloween Cards online, mailed for you internationally. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. International Postage & Delivery. Create your own Halloween Cards ONLINE. PRINTED and mailed for you. International Shipping, Postage and delivery. Custom Cards for Halloween. FREE Shipping. Postcards & Greeting Cards app. Create a set of personalized Halloween Cards or ship a single card worldwide

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