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A Cake Just For You

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

The colourful cake birthday postcard should be sent to someone special. The message lets them know this. Plus it's pretty cute - just like them! Cakes, drinks, parties, gifts; these are traditional parts of a birthday celebration. But a postcard like the colourful cake birthday postcard will make their birthday perfect and colourful just like the cake it shows. A birthday is special and celebrated just once every year, so to make it more special send your loved ones a postcard like this one that they can receive in their mail on their birthday. We'll stamp their 'A cake just for you' card lovingly by hand. We’ll then print and sort the delivery for you - and send it anywhere worldwide in the mail! Fast international delivery is no problem for us! And this special person will never forget what you did. They will know they mean a lot to you and will keep their colourful 'a cake just for you' birthday postcard as memorabilia of how special you are to them too. For the next 365 days, we wouldn't be surprised if they are eagerly anticipating the future out-of-the-box card you'll surprise them with next year!  

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