Cute red and green dragons in front of the blue sky under Happy Birthday message
Happy Dino Birthday
Cute red and green dragons in front of the blue sky under Happy Birthday message
Happy Dino Birthday
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Happy Dino Birthday

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Kids' birthdays can be a handful. Planning parties, vacations or a trip during this time can be tedious. However, to make the birthday extra special, you can send the birthday girl or boy a Happy Dino Birthday postcard in the mail, that he or she can go to the hallway and find on the morning of their birthday! It is an exciting adventure, and they will cherish it for life. They will keep this postcard as a memorabilia. Years from now when they go to college and come back for the holidays, it will be there hanging on the wall reminding them of how you made their birthday special with the kids' dragon greeting postcard. Kids store memories easily and receiving this postcard in the mail, is one memory they will forever cherish. The kids' dragon greeting postcard with its dragon design is an adventurous memory they would remember with a smile. You will forever be the mum, dad, aunt or uncle who sent the most amazing card that made them smile.    

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