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Vintage Style - Happy Birthday to you

Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Do you have a good friend who is a fan of both tea parties and tea-length dresses alike? Does she spend hours browsing the racks of vintage clothes at every thrift shop in town? Does she still believe wasp waists and victory rolls are the hip new styles? If so, then this vintage birthday postcard is surely the way to go. This lovely vintage birthday postcard is an iconic and retro throwback to a classier time period; the muted salmon and pinky cream colors complement the soft grey text. The vintage birthday postcard may be understated and modest, but it is anything but boring! The card's subtle flair, cute colors, and antiquated charm make it a sure crowd pleaser for all vintage fans. So rather than poring over shelves and shelves of newfangled cards, stick to the classics that never go out of style, like this beautiful vintage birthday postcard. Send your own Happy Birthday Cards . Printed and mailed for you internationallly worldwide. FREE SHIPPING. International Postage & Delivery. CUSTOMIZED Happy Birthday Cards ONLINE | Printed | International Shipping, Postage & Delivery. Personalized Greeting Cards and Postcards international. Custom Cards for Happy Birthday FREE SHIPPING Send a custom Happy Birthday Cards from online, or create a set of cards and mail them to yourself in bulk.

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