Toy Bunny
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Toy Bunny
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Card size: 4x6 inches

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About the design

Is Easter coming up? Want to infuse some humor into the lives of your friends and family? This Happy Easter Humor Postcard is an awesome way to do that. It's got a stuffed Easter bunny looking in shame on the wall for its inability to lay eggs. The cute juxtaposition of the stuffed animal, the wall, and the message makes it just right to elicit a smile from the people you love. Getting a Humor Postcard like this to break the monotony of regular life can be a much-needed shock to the soul. Knowing that our loved ones continue to hold us in their thoughts during the holidays is nice and getting a funny note adds to the peace of mind. Show your respect to the Easter holiday and shine a comedic light on its wholesome nature by sending this Happy Easter Humor Postcard to those you care about. They'll deeply appreciate the gesture. If you want to break out and resort to something unique this spring, rely upon the Happy Easter Humor Postcard and make others beam with joy.

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