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About the design

You and your family are exploring the enjoying the beauty of The Arabian Nights in Dubai? Dubai combines the beauty of the desert with tropical experiences of one of their thousands of resorts and beaches. You really want to share your moments of pure joy and bliss with friends and family - just do it with this holiday greetings Dubai postcard! It's hot outside, you are at the beach and you have taken tons of snaps of you and your loved ones. Did you spend the day on a camel exploring the deserts around the city of Dubai? The Dubai skyline and architecture blew you away, so you just couldn't stop taking photos? Pick your favorite shots on this holiday greetings Dubai postcard and add a sweet message to them about how you miss your friends and that you cannot wait until you are back home to share all the incredible experiences and stories from The Arab Kingdom. Your skyline shot was a little blurry and your camera didn't perform as you wanted it? You can also always take the incredible high-quality designs that MyPostcard provides for this holiday greetings Dubai postcard.

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